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Related article: Date : Wed, September 10, 2011 August 06th 20 -0400 ( EDT ) From: Dogg u003cnphillydogg aol. com u003e Subject: Closing the gap of -12 BRIDGES -12 Nick blew my phone after his annual leave Reality n to my father lunch. Still angry that he had no chance of n fuck me, he sent several texts asking me to come back. When no to get an answer, he began to call and demand that I turn around and come return to his office. I argued with him that " I was there... , by the way to me according to thy brother, Peter," " This is not to that Peter... Shit!" he shouted angrily and tried to I say I can take and what not. " Well, he meant to me... " I replied, knowing it would piss off "... I thought I wanted... a bit! " n " Are you kidding... ?" Nick asked. "Do not make appointments for my brother... " " Well... " he said and walked into the restaurant parking lot. e frontier, which was scheduled... " " You blame me, because my wife and not because of the unexpected... " When I asked Nick, " I get rid of as fast as I could... ! Why are so bitch... " " Because I can ! "I cried. " I have to go! " He added that, hanging, as I moved in a parking space. When Nick tried to call again, back to me n phone. I knew that Nick was angry, but what was done. He was n to our meeting place wrong, why I like the feeling of a bitch, because did not want to hang out in a few seconds neglected his wife... ? dad was already sitting in a booth when I entered the restaurant. of n of course, waitress Susan at his side with his pen n paper, chewing the fat. " Oh, Alex... "Dad said, laughing, probably something stupid Suzie s said ".... I was not sure I would... " " He invited me to eat, baby... "I said, brushing by Suzie ".... Why did not show... "I asked, falling into the cabin next door, so n him a big kiss on Suzie 's love. I could feel how she laid eyes on my back. " Y'all ready for... ? " she asked as I slid my tongue father (luckily AFTER pop a mint in your mouth after leaving Pete Office). "... umm... need," said Dad, pulling the tongue out of his mouth. "No You know what you want... ?" "Maybe we can recommend something... Susie ?" I asked my long blonde pulled his hair over his shoulder before looking back on it. Susie rolled her eyes at the ceiling... " The special of the day is Tuna Melt on sourdough bread and an onion soup... " n "I am a combo of products sea, thanks... "he said, without their n courtesy of himself, to see them. "Lester... " Susie asked. " I am the Porterhouse... " said the father, with all the trimmings. "... Y Bring your best bottle of wine... " he said, to get a look of surprise of the chambermaid. "... I have to ask you something very important, Alexandra... " n "Daddy, no... " I whispered, hoping that it was not what I thought it would be. Susieseemed to linger, as if the last statement of absorption dad... "What... ?" father asked, searching his pockets. " I thought it discussed this at home... " n "We have to... " I said nervously, trying to prevent them from pulling out what will create a ring. "... And I said I was not prepared for some long- ter... Ooohhh... " I was surprised when he said Dad took Mom's wedding ring. " This is from my ex-wife, Alex... " he said and opened the box of the series engagement ring he originally gave to my mother. "... If you do not like that can shop around Great Lolita Bbs for another... " he said and pulled the ring box as he grabbed my hand and finger ready. "... But that would mean a lot of to me if you would use it... " he said, slipping into my fingers. "... With the promise of being my wife... " I was stunned. I never thought my mother 's ring. This was n something totally unexpected. Dad never told me Mama, when n your child. Mom was never a problem. It was as if I blamed his death, and Ihad no right to ask questions about them. Now, here was me her engagement ring to proclaim his love for me. Well, not Great Lolita Bbs me, - Alexandra. But I 'd be lying if I said I was very touched. Almost confirmed. even though they still have reservations about settling down and marrying my s biological father, I could not stop looking at the ring and grabbed me polished by hand on the table, his eyes bright, bright the the light of the sun behind us. I started waitress Susie looked at us around the room , taking a look at me like a dog resistant. That led me to pull out all the stops... N " Thanks, Dad... " I said and put my head on his strong shoulder. " How bout an answer... ?" He asked, ` no thanks' for an answer. I thought... " It had to be a way out of this... " Yes "I said dully. dad happy, radiant, give me a kiss on the lips completely around the world dinner to see. Susie burst into the kitchen, not to see over again. Lol, not really... , Later returned with the wine and orders, as a cold, the father, as it does me. " Seafood Combo... " he said and put the dish in front of me. "... Y Porter House... " he concluded, and the father pushed the Great Lolita Bbs plate before him. Auto father noticed the difference... " Is there something wrong, Sue... " he asked in a worried voice. Susie took a deep breath, as if to say something, but no. " Have you seen my engagement ring... ?" I asked and she took my hand good care. Susie broke without even a greeting. "What is all that... ?" I asked, playing around the handle. "I thought it was his friend... ? Not even seem happy for us! " " I know that... " the father told him, looking concerned, and I wanted to run after it. "Are you sure that it's never something between you two... " I asked, suspicious. "Not so much as a kiss... ? A hug... ? A drunken rage... " "Never! " Dad insisted. " I do not understand your response... " " I always told you that you like.. . "I said in my best " I told you so " vote. "... It is so transparent... ! He probably had the hots for that years... waiting for you to ask her out... "N " You... think? " Father asked, looking back ( it disappeared time, not to be seen again !). " Maybe I should talk to her... "He said, sympathy with it. " What... ? " I asked," To fall in love... If she was a true friend s that would be happy if... She obviously liked it better when you have mopey and sad... ! What's that old saying... ? Misery loves company... ? is it! " " It was a good friend when I needed one... "Dad said, disunity. " And now you have a boyfriend... "I said firmly. "... You need to live with that "such a daddy never was right, but left the ass out of our stand. After lunch came the owner (Mel ) out and handed us the check, tell us that Susie was a bit (yes, a fit of jealousy ). " Are you well... ? " Father asked, falling into them. " andeah... "Said Mel, a big guy, probably sweating fat in food ".... that will be fine... - A woman of affairs... ! " He said, cut and dry. " Oh... "Dad said, believe in what that meant. He reached into the wallet of his s, then paid the bill and 15% added Susie. " Thank you, that lunch with me, baby... " He said that after he left ".... I 've done the happiest man in town! See you when I get home tonight, "he said, kissed me on the lips before his car. When I went across the parking lot, I found a point of view Susie smoke around the rear of the building, in a conversation with one of the his friends waitress. When they saw me, Susie turned her back as she looked girlfriend Watchdog me like a rabid dog. I have a little more wiggle in my walk, while dancing with my mother the car. I looked at s your friend put a finger on me in the rearview mirror as he walked away. How juvenile. After lunch, I took her back home. I knew it would be when I saw the car Nick parkedin the way of his father. "What are you doing here... ?" I asked, more for the car. " Do you know why I'm here... " said Nick, always out of your car ( throwing a lit cigarette in the garden). " You should not be here... " I gasped, passing by. "His wife could see... " "fuck my wife... " Nick said, I continue to drive. N " Oh, what you do in your office... " I asked, pulling the keys to the house of my portfolio. " Do not be a smart ass... " Nick broke up, grabbed my arm to stop I walk. "... You know, my kids were there... " "How I can know what you and your wife to do before your children... ?" I known. Nick looked at my hand as he pulled the key from my pocket. "What the hell is a... ?" He asked, pointing to the ring. "It's not an engagement ring... " I said, tore my arm free as I follow in the direction of the house. "Committed... ? To... The old.. ! " Asked Nick, sounds upset. " ` That old "Love Me... "I said, and put the keyat the door. "... And I I love... " " But I wanted to fuck ! " Nick said, pressing firmly behind me, and I n is opened the gates. I felt his erection pressing into my ass (which I wanted to me). " is not here... " he said, turning around a police car as he crossed the last House of Representatives. "... I will not fuck anybody except Lester at home... " I insisted. " But... what about me? " Nick asked, standing near me, wedging n between him and the door. " What about this... ? " added, for my part n Great Lolita Bbs in its hard lump. I have to admit that I felt in the knees soft cock suddenly need a as much as he needed me. "I can not... " I moaned, I do not feel the fingers of your hardwood drawn the outline of his cock last long. Nick pulled the hem of my dress and rubbed her hand between my thighs wet, my pussy feel hot. N "It seems as bad as what I need... " his whispered. "I can not... " I moaned, weaker than before. Nick reached down and opened his pants and freed his erection of a was spilled on my hand. He lifted my border line, Great Lolita Bbs but this pulled down my panty line on one side, finger my pussy. " You know I love you, baby... " he said, dipping his knee to align our genitals. " Nick, please... " I begged, I pushed back against the door, rubbing s long as my pussy cock. "There is no need to ask, baby... I would love to fuck you... " he whispered, network his penis with saliva before getting on my pussy. " OH! " Exclaimed loudly when he entered accurately within me there is daylight (standing in front of the house of my father), raising the legs until I around his waist. "Oh God... " I cried when he began to for me, take me deeper with each thrust, but I really lubricate my pussy with cream. As for Nick 's shoulders, I could see the neighboring houses on the other side of the street, and asked me how many of them were at home and could n me ( Lester 's girlfriend ) always front of the house of another fucking man ? We treading through dangerous waters, I know. But I could not resist tail Nick Cartwright did not resist when he was picking up my pussy. Although he did not know there was a history behind us, a link shared since childhood that brought us together, as the destination. I had asked many times n I was born a beautiful girl, instead of marrying a bitch boy, Nick and I n ? This is to me as the mother of her children instead of that bitch Donna cheerleaders ? was Nick, my arms loosely around his neck and shoulders as he wrapped up against the door left my my its strong legs arms as he rose and pushed his hips me while driving his tail straight through my pussy. " Uh, uh, oh, ohh, uhh, uhh, uh, uh... " I groaned inwardly after every n thrust his cock feel stretch wide, with each stroke. Like all women, I began to smear cream and, of course, that my body began to moisturize my artificial vagina getting wet with what is normally n previouslyexcretion of semen from my missing tail. It works as a lubricant that began to help, Nick tail slide more easily (although he is more attracted add spit). Soon (in minutes ), I was banging against the door, pants hard on your knees while shirttail jacket and see its hidden pumps his ass all over the world. " Oh God... oh God... oh God... " I moaned again and again, the feeling of Nick Hahn push it through me. As desperate as I was out this little charade front of the neighbors and caught us, I wanted to do cum Nick. I knew I still loved him ( as I did in childhood), it ask was natural. feel his cock push through made ​​me remember all the times I I took as a child, playing in my pussy boy ass fucking, letting my ass sloppy wet with its load of teen cum thick. Back then I wanted anything of life for Nick, feeling your body, and what he called to ME, every time I wanted to finish and feel good again. despiteother thing of me a his brother and his friends hit the gang occasionally had to write The initial feeling that I still love Nick very well. I mean, why else would he follow me shit for 4 consecutive years ? Of course, I never said he feelings for me, but I could tell by the way, and how many times he took me, me full of juice and tease me with love, if only. Yes, I loved Nicolas Cartwright, and I have things to do. Only the sense of male cock his spear through me was enough to validate my feelings, I said as he stopped after so many years connected separation. No one has picked up the ass like Nicolas Cartwright, and not a fucked my pussy always the same, would not. Oh, do not do a waking up next to this man every morning, sucking and riding his cock sent before the in the world to him the day before returning home n in the night , a hot meal and a hot fuck in bed. " Oh... uh... uh... uh... going to finish... " pNick anted softly in my ear, a track of panic in his voice when he started to cum faster than n expected. "... Uhh... uhh... oh shit... here I cum... " and announced, beating her hips in my super tight, so shake the door behind me n buckle as if someone tries to kick it open. "... I'm a... I... I... am... aaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH " shouted and pushed to one last time before discharge a jet of semen in the artificial vagina. Could I feel his cock throbbing wildly in me, as you click on me deeply, unloading what seemed like a month worth of milk on me, as she trembled as a newborn calf. Nick hugged as in orgasm s me, squeezing my cunt muscles, milking his throbbing shaft as it fills me with your cream. After a few minutes I started to fall. I felt his cock soften s withering and fall out of me as your feet down on the floor. Could n begin to feel a little saliva cum on my inner thighs, in the run that previously had aOpportunity to wear. Nick stepped back and began to put the back of his wet cock in his pants, like the postman arrived with the mail... " uh... " he said, when I cut the Great Lolita Bbs dress, cum Nicholas caught drooling over my thighs, while Nick put his cock... ___________________________________ Do you have an opinion... ? If this is so, or if you want to read More of this story, write to NPHILLYDOGG aol. com Your questions, comments, and suggestions. The more e- mails I get, the faster than the stories to follow... PS read the titles of others for me ( non- transgender), show me prolific author Nifty is section n at the top of your home page \\ \\ n For a full list see my title.
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